HI! I'm Marcel Hamel.

I'd love to share my work with you! Click any of the icons below to learn more:

By day I'm a developer who does both web and email development. I currently work for the good people at Sailthru as an Implementation Engineer. Click the icon to check out some of my past and current work.

Prior to a career in software I spent a decade and half working primarily as a musician, doing everything a freelancer has to do to pay rent- teaching, weddings, touring- you name it. I'm still active around the NYC area and am available for hire as a multi-instrumentalist and teacher.

SIDEMAN is a favorite project of mine where my loves of code and music overlap. As a sideman I always used to be obsessed with hunting down the discographies of other sidemen (and women!) whose playing I loved. This is a tool to help you do exactly that.

Interested in guitar lessons? Need a full-stack developer? Contact me!